Movie Project


The protagonist X, a flight control engineer of an aircraft maintenance company, is always immersed in a game named "Microsoft Flight Simulator¡±, experiencing the fun of being an air pilot in his spare time.

His wife, Kanya, is a flight attendant for King Airways.
¡́One day, X receives a text message from Kanya who is on a business trip, asking him to meet in Thailand where they were acquainted with each other.
This happens on March 11, 2011. X arrives at this familiar place, only to find that the place name is not the familiar one. Later, he learns that he is actually a character written in the half-finished novel The Simulator, and lives in a parallel world with the world of the writer.
What¡¯s worse, the writer not only arranges an earthquake in Japan in the novel, but also designs the plot that a presidential plane is hijacked and smashed up, and also Kanya is the flight attendant in this flight. In order to save Kanya, X returns to the world in the novel and adventures into the control tower hijacked by terrorists to help the hijacked airplane without a pilot regain control. Eventually, he takes over the airplane and lands it successfully by remote control with the help of "Flight Simulator" game software. Of course, Kanya and the President family are rescued.
X inadvertently completes the second half of the novel.

Finally, the writer's novel The Simulator is also published.